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The hotel has 62 guest rooms with contemporary designs and top-notch amenities along wheel-chair access as well as safety features like smoke detector in every room, fire hose reel, emergency exit door/stairs on every floor of the hotel.


“SHAARA” is a term derived from Sanskrit, an ancient and revered language, representing the entirety of the universe, cosmos, or “all of all” in every aspect and manifestation.

The term SHAARA was introduced by our Chairman, Mr. C.P. (Chakra Pani) Subedi, during the occasion of his marriage when he committed to sharing his entire life with his wife, whom he affectionately referred to as SHAARA. This personal significance led to the adoption of the word SHAARA as the official name for the project, ultimately establishing it as “HOTEL SHAARA”.

Project Hotel Shaara

Under the leadership of NRNA’s global chairman, Mr. Kumar Panta, along with a dedicated team, the grand opening of Hotel Shaara took place on January 20, 2020. The hotel showcases a Japanese architectural style, starting from a basement level and featuring a robust structural design to withstand strong earthquakes.

The ground floor accommodates various facilities including managerial rooms, storage areas, Prithivi Hall (conference/banquet), central kitchen, Shaara restaurant and bar, reception, lobby, and Himani cafe.

Ascending to the first floor, guests will find a glass board conference room and ten accessible deluxe rooms. 

The second floor houses additional deluxe rooms, while the third, fourth, and fifth floors offer super deluxe rooms equipped with Japanese washlets (electric toilets). The sixth and seventh floors are dedicated to classic suites, family suites, and ministerial suites. On the sixth floor, there is an executive suite, and the eighth floor boasts a regal presidential suite.

Moving on to the seventh floor, guests can access our yoga chakra deck, orthopedic treatment facilities, a mini gym, and a Japanese-style public jacuzzi. The eighth floor is home to a sky bar and a Japanese BBQ restaurant. On the ninth floor, guests can enjoy a deep infinity pool accompanied by a sauna and steam room. The sky bar offers a delightful atmosphere for romantic BBQ nights, allowing guests to savor the sunset and panoramic views of Sangrila Pokhara. The tenth floor is dedicated to the sky restaurant and lounge, while the eleventh floor boasts a 360-degree observation tower featuring a telescope for breathtaking views.

All rooms are well-appointed with modern amenities, including Japanese Ofuro (traditional soaking tubs), single and double jacuzzi bathtubs, E-bidet/washlet toilets, digital safe boxes, minibars, hair dryers, rain showers, and induction cookers with sensory exhaust hoods.

Furthermore, the hotel ensures safety measures with emergency exit stairs located throughout the building, along with the convenience of a Japanese Fuji elevator for easy access to different floors.

Luxurious collection of Rooms


The rooms are also fitted with modern technologies such as Japanese Ofuro, single and double Jacuzzi bathtub, E-bidet/Washlet, digital safe box, minibar, hair dryer, rain shower and induction cooker with sensory exhaust hood.

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